Lost Job Opportunity

United States
June 30, 2018 11:17am CST
I recently experienced something that has made me really question where I'm working, and I'm having a hard time getting over it. I applied for a new position (one with the company I'm currently working for) that I was really excited about. I did a 1 week working interview for the position and, while I'm not one to toot my own horn, I'm not afraid to say that I feel like I did great! I worked with several people, got along well with everyone. I had experience that they seemed to be very excited about - and I discussed a lot of plans to help the position grow. I felt pretty confident that I might get it (there were 2 other applicants). But then...I got my rejection email. At first I thought I knew who got the job (of the other 2 applicants only one was also qualified). I was very disappointed. But then, a few days later, I found out it was the person who had no experience and was not qualified for the job that got it. This made me really mad and extremely hurt. THEN I come to find out that this person who got hired is "bff's" with someone who is higher up in the company, and that's why she got the job! I don't tend to wish ill will upon people, but I really hope she choke's with the position and they can't justify keeping her. I am extremely disappointed in this company for rejecting TWO qualified applicants for a position and hiring someone not qualified strictly because of who their friends are. I am going to be trying to find this position elsewhere with another company - I'm actually reaching out to one about it. Thanks for letting me vent!
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@Icydoll (36817)
• India
30 Jun 18
I can relate to you..this is what happens..but good luck to you .hope you will find a good job.
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@rebelann (110166)
• El Paso, Texas
29 Jun 19
It makes me wish I knew more people who could influence a positive result.
@ksmita (513)
• India
30 Jun 18
Hi..experienced the same few times, now i am immune to all the politics as i have seen soon such people are laid off as they have no professionalism and take everything for granted..getting job is easy but maintaining it is not fun. Just move on towards something good. All the best.
@mlgen1037 (29910)
• Manila, Philippines
30 Jun 18
Hi LilyoftheThorns. I am sorry. I understand what it feels like to be rejected to someone who is unqualified and did not do anything at all but got the job. Company politics. There is always karma.