February 8, 2019 11:04am CST
Hoax is pretty common issues nowadays. With many information in the internet and how fast that information can be transmitted. Hoax will likely to have been spread around too. If you encountered some shocking information, what will you do? Did you share it?
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@Nakitakona (8590)
14 May
As far as modern technology is concerned, hoax takes many names and forms with the purpose of collecting money. Have you heard about scam? Spam? And the like.
@janethwayne (4115)
9 Feb
I can see plenty of hoax anywhere in the net but must be vigilant not to fool around.
• United States
8 Feb
I try not to get hoaxed by things on the internet. There are so many things that are false these days
@DocAndersen (5762)
8 Feb
I always verify it first. my favorite thing to tell people is that the internet is a shallow sea. Less in fact than 12 inches and you are standing on a 40-foot diving platform. You can ignore the internet and climb back down safely. Or you can jump and hope the water is deeper than you think.