Funny All These Health Things

Redlands, California
May 16, 2019 2:16am CST
Hey I am not against healthy eating and living right. You know what I think could improves people's health. Stop telling them you going to kick them to the street because they do not meet your corrupt ways. It is a pretty worrisome time right now and cannot even imagine what young college student faces. So high of expectations, be us or dies as me. I am just here smirking in background. Its not fun, but not really fun living like that either. Think people would call them out. Not really, my son or daughter to soft, harden them up a bit. What about making them corrupt? What about teaching the kids. World is lost when you do not except this anymore. Why it is important. To listen what he says.
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@Bensen32 (2951)
• United States
23 May
It sure is a crazy world we live in, everyone thinking you should think like them or your no good. I do like this song and the words are great to it.