What I Learned About Alzheimer's That Surprised Me

United States
June 11, 2019 10:48am CST
I was reading earlier about Alzheimer's disease. I found out that it can have an early onset, contrary to what most people think (which is that it only ever strikes the elderly.) I read about a man who was diagnosed w/it at age 30! I was pretty stunned to say the least. I'm not much older than that, and thankfully still have my wits about me. All I can say is I couldn't imagine having Alzheimer's at my age.
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• Sonora, California
11 Jun
Alzheimer’s is scary as it is, but to get it early in life has to be terrifying!
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• Rupert, Idaho
12 Jun
Wow, at age 30? That's way too young! I heard it is now being referred to as Diabetes type 3....but not sure if that is hokum.
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@Corbin5 (145025)
• United States
11 Jun
30 does seem far too young to have Alzheimer's. That would be such a sad thing to happen to someone so young.
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@TRBRocks420 (100569)
• Banks, Oregon
11 Jun
Very interesting I never knew that. Hope they will find a cure.
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@didinedhia (6617)
• Algeria
11 Jun
It scaress me alot