nice weather for ducks

June 14, 2019 1:18am CST
It is wet. Exceedingly wet. Not just rain, but RAIN!!! of the type which transforms you into a sodden mess, despite the big Mary Poppins style brolly, and the watertight - but apparently not watertight - shoes. Humungous puddles lie scattered on topsy-turvy pavements and more create temptation for motorists on the roadside. Definitely nice weather for ducks. And children in their wellies. I think it has been raining for ever. There is a glimpse of sun, peeking through the water-filled sky. It is warm and when Sun does come out to play the ground will suddenly become miraculously dry, the only evidence of rain being grass so wet it cannot be sat on. And snails, which will litter the pavements, unfazed by the danger of being accidentally stamped on by children running to school. Niece and I are fascinated by snails. I returned to work yesterday, just for the morning. Next week I am in only for two mornings, at the suggestion of my Line Manager. I am grateful for this ... Husband found me fast asleep on the settee when he came home from work. I was completely wiped out. And yes, the pain is back, somewhat. But I shall persevere, get through the next three and a bit weeks, and then we're off on holiday. Huzzah! Life is grand.
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@Nakitakona (8800)
14 Jun
Yes your life is grand for it's filled with all descriptive words and phrases. You're good painter of words.
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@didinedhia (7915)
• Algeria
14 Jun
I love wet weather
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@simone10 (30841)
• United States
16 Jun
We have also had a lot of rain. Normally, I love rain but I am tired of it now.
@Corbin5 (149599)
• United States
14 Jun
Oh yes, you will make it to the holiday and all will be well. Snails do not seem to like it in my Chicago suburb. Rarely see snails.
• United States
14 Jun
saddened by all that rain. i tend to find i've a hole'n my boot when such comes to these parts. not fun to've soggy socks... 'tis wondrous how quickly some schtuff dries, eh? i've some low spots 'round here that've gotta be treated with anti-skeeter schtuff 's 't tends to stick 'round fer days. turnin' a horrid, slimy green 'fore 't gives'p 'n 'comes part 'f the landscape. i miss snails, 's there seem to be none 'round these parts 'nless ya purchase a plant from the store that's one's a hitchhiker. sadly they perish quickly'n our dry'n windy climate. jest breath! i know ya can do 't! so glad yer line manager 'tis lookin' out fer ya, hon. proud 'f ya ~
@LadyDuck (230776)
• Switzerland
14 Jun
I usually like snails and I let them live in the lawn if they like, but I do not like at all when they move to the vegetable garden and munch all my lettuce, in this case is war.
@owlwings (41163)
• Cambridge, England
14 Jun
Talk about "Flaming June"! This is WINTER, surely! Snails are good. I wonder whether they see the rest of the world going by really, really fast. When did you last see a thrush or a thrush's anvil, by the way? I don't remember seeing one for years! Take it slowly (like the snail) and you WILL make it through the next 3 weeks, I'm sure!
@mysimplelot (1217)
• Calcutta, India
14 Jun
Indeed life is grand. Do you like water by the way.
@Gillygirl (33035)
• Sutton, England
14 Jun
You could have sailed a rubber duck in the puddles. I saw the floods on the news. We had it bad on Monday and Tuesday! Your Line Manager is good to let you go in for two mornings. Not long for the school holidays now.