Thunder and rain and trying to bike home

September 11, 2019 2:44am CST
Yesterday I looked at the weather report and it was supposed to rain for most of the day today, so I planned to drive. Today, in the morning, I looked at the weather report, and it was supposed to be sunny until 4:00 and rain around 7:00 pm. Here it is 4:30, when I am supposed to head home, and right as I walked out the door there were huge drops that had just started and a big roll of thunder. Now I'm hanging out at school waiting either for it to quit or for it to last long enough that I'll decide to take the bus home. At least I have options. What options do you have for going to work? I can drive, take the city bus, ride my bike or (if I have time) walk. (I hardly ever do that.)
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@maximax8 (29605)
• United Kingdom
11 Sep
It is awful to cycle home in the pouring rain. In the days before I learned how to drive I had a challenge getting to and from work. When I taught at a school by the coast I cycled to the train station which was 2 miles distance away, then I took a train to Dover and the another train to Folkestone. Then I had to cycle another mile to the school. I was pleased when I got a teaching post as a school in a village close to Canterbury. I cycled 12 miles a day to get there and back. Even better it was to get a teaching post in Canterbury itself. It was a 6 mile journey there and back. One time I took a longer route and it poured down with rain. When it brightened up I saw a rainbow.
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• Japan
11 Sep
It's getting lighter now so I'm hoping to leave school soon.
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@Corbin5 (156288)
• United States
11 Sep
So glad you have options. I drove to work every day. My only option was to get a ride with a colleague if I could not do so myself.
@moonandstars (22368)
• Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska)
11 Sep
I would take the bus but, if I'm close to my work, I would run.
@JudyEv (171710)
• Bunbury, Australia
11 Sep
I hope you managed to get home without getting wet.
@Janet357 (27776)
11 Sep
good thing i am self- employed. so no need to go to the office or what.i just travel when my hubby is the driver. he is a careful driver. so no options for me.
@MGjhaud (22154)
• Philippines
11 Sep
I work at home. I like rainy days better than sunny. When I go out for grocery or visit my parents, I take the car. I used to walk a lot outside but not anymore since my leg incident.
@yanzalong (16087)
• Indonesia
11 Sep
My rented house is only around the corner. I just walk and when it rains, I use my umbrella.