Happy Wednesday.

Defuniak Springs, Florida
October 9, 2019 10:28am CST
I have been cleaning since about seven this morning. Decided to take a break and try to post Ă—something here. If you notice some typos here and there in my posts for the next couple of weeks it's because the keyboard on my phone got messed up when I dropped it in the river and then I missed the mess ups before posting. As soon as we get the insurance claim taken care of on boyfriends phone , I will get mine replaced. Yesterday was my first day at WM. I worked 8 am to just about 230. It was all orientation and training stuff but it was still good. I go back tomorrow, Friday and Saturday for even more training. So far so good. The people have been good, they all seem pretty friendly. And I get paid next week, it won't be a whole big check, but itll be good. I need to get back to cleaning. Theres still half a load to put away, then the one in the dryer that needs to be taken care of and then I think there's one in the washer !and one more to do. This will probably be the only post I do today because it's kind of rambly and typing with the ?messed up keyboard is annoying. What's everyone else up to today?
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@andriaperry (93741)
• Anniston, Alabama
9 Oct
Nothing much this week. I had a dream and you was in it, and we were at walmart and you were pregnant, just found out.
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@JudyEv (174272)
• Bunbury, Australia
10 Oct
I doubt I'll be posting today. I need to get to some cleaning and tidying up too.
@Happy2BeMe (90620)
• Canada
9 Oct
Glad to hear everything went well on your first day at WM.
@JohnRoberts (91814)
• Los Angeles, California
9 Oct
Now you get to stock all those Great Value products.
@JustBhem (64334)
• Davao, Philippines
9 Oct
Nah, just watching movie.
@Starkinds (17811)
• India
9 Oct
Happy Wednesday Good Night
@paigea (25000)
• Canada
9 Oct
I need to find the motivation to clean, declutter and deal with carrots, beets and tomatoes from the garden. So far, I am busy curled up in the couch watching shows on PVR.