Not waterproof

June 30, 2020 2:51am CST
I bicycled to the eye doctor today because I was almost out of medicine. It was fair weather although a bit windy. I looked at the weather report and it was not supposed to rain until afternoon. Just in case, I took a windbreaker that I thought was waterproof. After finishing at the eye doctor, I went over to school to check flutes that had been turned in for inventory. I also talked to the band director, so by the time I was ready to go home it was afternoon. It was just misting when I left, but I put on the "waterproof" windbreaker. Before I got far, it was raining more heavily and the rain was soaking through that windbreaker. By the time I got home, the windbreaker, my shirt, and everything else about me was wet (except my hair, which had been under the hood of the windbreaker-- go figure.) Anyway, now I know it's not waterproof. Have you been soaked by an unexpected rainstorm?
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@holdoors (2288)
• Malaysia
30 Jun
Yes, sometimes I go some place and never brought my umbrella so I got wet when walking back to car...
• Japan
30 Jun
I usually have an umbrella in my purse, but not when I'm on the bike.
@erictsuma (3335)
• Mombasa, Kenya
30 Jun
• Japan
30 Jun
Wet wet wet.
@marlina (105326)
• Canada
30 Jun
Sorry about that mess, Yes, I had at least one experience when I left the house sunny and blue sky and about 30 minutes later, huge rain fall. Not pleasant
@Adie04 (7945)
30 Jun
I did. Although I brought umbrella, since the rain quite heavy, I soaked when arrived.
@JudyEv (217392)
• Bunbury, Australia
30 Jun
It took us quite a bit of searching to find warm jackets that were waterproof rather than just showerproof. Funny that the hood kept the water off.