What would you do?

New Delhi, India
August 11, 2020 1:16am CST
I recently came accross my closet where there were a bit of clothes that I had got tired of, this, I planned to get rid of them. What is confusing is that whether I should sell them or donate them. Had you all been in my place what would you do then? Would you sell or donate those clothes? Please share your opinion. I am a bt confised
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@Lavanya15 (12888)
• Chennai, India
11 Aug 20
I always donate my uncle wanted cloths lol.
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@Overflowing (3710)
11 Aug 20
it depends on the situation or your needs, you can donate it to charities or you can sell it the lower amount. but I guess some are very careful now buying used clothes because of the virus
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@kearkear (963)
• Davao, Philippines
11 Aug 20
Maybe you should try selling it online. Extra cash for you.
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@LadyDuck (456975)
• Switzerland
11 Aug 20
No one would buy used clothes here, I always donate.
@just4him (305073)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
11 Aug 20
I donate to the local thrift stores.
@Janet357 (75657)
11 Aug 20
I usually donate my things. I don't sell.
• India
11 Aug 20
Tired means you don't like those clothes or they are very old?