What's the One Thing In Your Life You're Most Proud Of?

Wonder woman!
@Borlotti (268)
United States
December 22, 2020 6:28am CST
If you're anything like me you have a few issues with feeling good about yourself. Sometimes it's just the way we are, sometimes it's what other people -- like partners, friends, family, teachers, the boss at work -- have said to you. And while I don't think anyone should be big-headed, I think it's healthy to accept when you've done something right, or achieved something cool through your own efforts, or just done a good deed. So, as most of us could do with a space to feel a bit better about ourselves, and maybe support and inspire others by sharing, I'd love to know what you're proud of in your life. I'll start. It's tough, but I reckon that I even though I'm on my own I've always managed to get work and be independent and not had to go begging to other people. That might sound silly, but I'm really proud of that! What about you? What are you most proud of in your own life? It's time to feel good about yourself! Blow your trumpet and let the world hear!
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@Hytton03 (5454)
• Philippines
22 Dec 20
Working and taking care of my kids.
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@ARIES1973 (11426)
• Legaspi, Philippines
22 Dec 20
Hi! I am proud that I learned about online activities and I am earning an extra income from this. Something not very common in my community. I am proud to be different.
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@LadyDuck (461059)
• Switzerland
22 Dec 20
I am proud to have made my husband happy during so many years. Working together it's not always easy.
@GrannyGee (3517)
• Louisburg, North Carolina
6 Dec 22
I think I'm most proud of growing older good, kind, decent ... one who loves, cares, forgiving. I say this because of how I was treated as a child growing up with such anger, hate in my Heart. Thankfully through the years all of the bad helped to make me strong enough to survive all I have ... including shaping me to be a very good person. I can look back seeing all the why's in my life happened. I had to be prepared for all the rocky roads I traveled. I am so far from being perfect ... however ... I am proud of this.