Hayate's notebook

@youfiq (1415)
April 7, 2021 11:53am CST
Prologue: I am Hayate, the connoisseur of the night sky under a stretch of stars in the midst of the dim lighting of the street lights, accompanied by my rain friend who doesn't make the sky covered in black clouds. I am hayate, I was approximately 20 years old when these notes were written. Every word in this notebook revealed every word I thought of. I can't express it verbally to other people too much. But I can write it down easily. So much has I gone through to get to this point. And I'm sure one day, someone generous will come and share this record with the world. But more than that, my story will always remain in my memory and also in my heart.
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@prinzcy (21888)
• Malaysia
Good luck! I hope you'll be able to turn it into a book.
@sharonelton (3086)
• Lichfield, England
9 Apr
Wow. That's beautiful.