Something like this has happened to me

@youfiq (1724)
June 11, 2021 3:35am CST
It was a 2 week holiday due to the corona virus and my school implemented an online system of course. Usually before the pandemic, I only went out of the house during school and had group assignments, so it was okay to still be exposed to the sun. But because of the pandemic and online school I lock myself at home (in my room) and go out when I eat and shower only. In my room there is only a glass window as a place for the sun to enter but because of the glare, I put up a dark brown curtain and it is thick enough so that the sun doesn't enter so for a full month or even more than a month I was in the room continuously. What I feel for a month at a minimum of being exposed to direct sunlight is dizziness, a little nausea, my face and whole body turn pale, weak, powerless, my eyes light up. So my family advises me to get tired every morning, when I first touch the sun my body feels warm and good hehe
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@May2k8 (15357)
• Indonesia
11 Jun
I think some schools have tested for face-to-face learning with 30% capacity even though covid cases are still high here.
@prinzcy (27795)
• Malaysia
11 Jun
Why are you staying in your room? Just go outside. It's not like you need to self quarantine.
@arunima25 (60067)
• Bangalore, India
11 Jun
We all need some good exposure to sun to get our dose of Vitamin D and also to lift our mood. Without sunlight for too long can cause depression and other mental issues
@Rashnag (15288)
• Thane, India
11 Jun
Sorry to hear. Sunlight is very important dear. Some exposure is necessary
• Indonesia
11 Jun
I don't think I'll be able to do what you're doing, staying in the room for a long time. Which will definitely be boring. What do you do to get rid of the boredom?