hard to determine

@youfiq (2161)
United States
July 27, 2021 1:22am CST
many people calculate about their mate, but they are also not completely wrong, couples to marry are partners until death, and it takes forever and throughout our lives, therefore many are still single because they are confused about this, they are full of consideration so that later they don't choose the wrong person who will accompany them until the end of life
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@Aansh13 (10819)
• New Delhi, India
27 Jul
Marriage is more about companionship. the better the partnership is, the better are the chances of living till last breath.
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@Andini (2099)
• Indonesia
27 Jul
Confusion will always come but must find more hard reason for choose anyone.
@florelway (20264)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
27 Jul
Some do not marry because no one offered marriage to them. Some are more practical. If the man is jobless and the woman has work it's a very awkward situation.
• Shenzhen, China
27 Jul
someone demand a perfect lover,no any flaw.plus,they usually consider too much about life partner,cannot accept even a tiny imperfection.people consider something about lover is not bad,but should not go too far,especially should not pursue perfection,everyone is imperfect,people should get used to a imperfect lover.
@Imsorry9 (85)
• Philippines
27 Jul
Marriage is required in some countries,so that they are forced to got married.
• United States
27 Jul
I'm coming up on 36 years of marriage. Honesty is most important. You can get through most trials if you have honesty between you and your partner. Everything else just falls into place. If there is trust, you will thrive in marriage.