Do you sympathize when a celebrity goes bankrupt ?

United Kingdom
August 25, 2021 5:42am CST
I have just been reading an article about several 'celebrities' who say they have gone bankrupt because of covid. My thoughts on this are.. All of the celebrities in the article were in top shows for several years and left BEFORE covid .....they were earning as much in a week that some people earn in a year ... They should have put money aside. Don't blame Covid if this happened afterwards. Apart from wages from shows they were in they did game shows, personal appearances, book signings, chat shows....all of which pay handsomely. So instead of spend spend spend some thought should have gone into the future. They are all in equity and they help out entertainers in need. Personally, I feel no sympathy towards people who earn vast amounts of money but fritter it away without a care in the world. What are your thoughts ?
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@MarieCoyle (6690)
26 Aug
I don't really follow celebrities much. Some of them seem to spend millions on homes, and have at least 2 or 3. I do remember when Kanye West had a gofundme some years back saying he was broke, and he was only worth a mere 50 million. Maybe after so much lavish living, some of these people don't know how to budget or cut back on their lifestyles to make it all work? I agree, no sympathy here.
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@veunike (330)
• Hong Kong
26 Aug
No sympathy. They are not smart enough on how to be a good manager for their life. Perhaps they spend too much on stuff that is unnecessary and some of them are just buying things for their pride. If they are thinking that they might be bankrupt I think they can just sell some of their property to safe their needs. Or they can think of another way to make money.
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• Bosnia And Herzegovina
25 Aug
depends on the reason of the bankrupt, but you're right, they should save money, no matter how much they have.
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@m_audrey6788 (58576)
• Germany
25 Aug
Life is really hard nowadays and even if you have savings from a long time. Money goes very easy. Not all people knows what to do in times of trouble. Therefore, I still pity them because it is more hard for them now
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• United Kingdom
1 Sep
Similar. You hear about footballers etc who spend all their time partying and throwing money around without thinking about the future - then when they're too old to carry on playing, they find themselves struggling because they didn't save or invest their earnings. Same with actors or anyone else. There are exceptions. Sometimes people do their best but they're overwhelmed by bad luck. I'm particularly thinking of Terry-Thomas, who started showing symptoms of Parkinson's Disease in the 70s. Over time, it became more and more difficult to work. He did try to secure a passive income - he invested in three films in the early 80s, I suppose he thought his experience in the film industry would help him pick winners. Unfortunately none of the films were successful and he lost all the money he'd invested. Then his savings got eaten away by medical bills and he ended up in a charity flat. No fault of his own that I can see, just bad luck.
@jeanena (2201)
• Bucklin, Kansas
29 Aug
I have friends in the business , I feel for the ones like Jason and Corin .The Covid restrictions that the the SAG Aftra set made it almost impossible for any kin ds of filming for awhile.. Even though things have changed somewhat catching back up will be hard. They both work regular jobs as well as acting . I don't understand the way some of them blow through money . I agree with the put some back because life can be hell and we never truely know what is around the corner.