When was the last time you started a new job?

November 17, 2021 5:22am CST
I started mine 2 weeks ago and Im still feeling like this "new girl" and I don't like it. I'm not new at what I do but still don't have enough confident
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19 Nov 21
about a month ago and i still don't have much friend here..
19 Nov 21
@myklj999 thank you! :)
@elmer0421 (277)
20 Nov 21
I have had my new job since 9 years ago....
@pumpkinjam (8340)
• United Kingdom
20 Nov 21
I've been with my company for almost 4 years. The last time I started a new job depends on what we count as being the new job. I started one job almost 4 years ago. The job role changed with the pandemic so, although my job title was the same, I was doing a different job in the same team. I officially started in that job role a year ago. So, I suppose, the last time I started a new job was a year ago even though I'd been unofficially doing it for longer. I settled into the team when I first started with the company and didn't have to move teams, so that was good. I've been lucky that the team has always been full of lovely people even as they've come and gone. I'm now so comfortable that I'm the one everyone else comes to with their questions!
@RebeccasFarm (103600)
• Wheat Ridge, Colorado
17 Nov 21
What kind of job is it? The last time for me was a long long time ago. I was a hairdresser.
@askme123 (6194)
17 Nov 21
What exactly do you do at this job? I means like what skills are required?
@Istycute (178)
• Yogyakarta, Indonesia
19 Nov 21
Former I was a full day worker but now I am a part time worker. I have many new friend. They are all nice and honest.