Annoying things in life

December 8, 2021 8:14pm CST
How annoying is this People just come and go Feelings can appear and disappear easily Life just goes by Does life also end like that? But it's not like that either Because what happened, let it happen You can't change something that already happened So just live this life so you can still feel the annoying things in this life. What do you think about that?
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@askme123 (5321)
9 Dec
Life ain't fair sometime.You make sacrifices for people but they would not do the same for you
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• United States
10 Dec
This is 100% true.
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@sulynsi (2569)
• Canada
11 Dec
I wonder if you are asking a far more profound question, 'What's the point of life?' 'What's the meaning of life?"
@Nakitakona (47182)
• Philippines
11 Dec
Life is what you make it. It's what you experience from others. Whatever it is face it squarely and enjoy it to its fullest.
@Marchy (141)
11 Dec
Feeling annoyed is normal to human nature and it only need a proper handling in our emotions.
@just4him (265346)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
10 Dec
Life can be annoying, but when you focus on the positive, the annoyance disappears.
@cabuyogty (1061)
9 Dec
I'd rather to live my life because life goes on :)
@Shavkat (128241)
• Philippines
9 Dec
Being annoyed with someone or something is a part of life. We just need to know how to handle them.
@Babino (5866)
• Morocco
9 Dec
Yeah life can be pretty annoying sometimes. And we can't do anything about it but accept it.
9 Dec
Yes it happens often.
9 Dec
Life or people can be fickle. That's just how it is, unfortunately.
@Fa_Maverick (8276)
• Australia
9 Dec
sh*t happens gotta go with the flow or you will tire. I guess life can end like that here one minute gone the next.
@Atikaa1 (121)
9 Dec
Yeah, thats true
@Memeei (39)
• Indonesia
9 Dec
yes life is like this, we need a lot of patience..
@JimBo452020 (40584)
• United Kingdom
9 Dec
It is what itnis. What will happen will happen Carpe Diem