I had a bad scare of my life

@peachpurple (13801)
December 13, 2021 7:23am CST
This is the first time i had a bad scare of my life. Making a mistake in my job of receiving goods brings a negative image to any bosses. I was terrified because i had received the wrong sku code and the amount was short of a few dollars. My supervisor told me that my team leadaer will scold me and i will have to answer my big boss why i did the mistake. I was really scared to meet both of them because it sounds like they are going to.me a good dressing down. Anyway i went ahead to meet my team leader in the office. Admit my mistake and profusely apologized to her. Instead of scolding me, she said its ok. Just tell big boss to cancel the PO and reprint the correct PO. i met my big boss, he told me the same thing. Didnt ask me why i made the mistake or how to prevent the mistake to happen again. Instead he asked me why worked until so late. I was supposed to knock off at 6.30pm but i stayed up to 8.30pm to rectify my mistake. I was thanked GOD ALMIGHTY for hearing my prayer before i went to the office. I must not make the same mistake again. I am fortunate that both of them were so kind to me.
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@cabuyogty (1836)
14 Dec 21
Your boss trusts you and it's good to know . I hope i have a good one also :)
• United States
13 Dec 21
Glad that it all worked out and that they weren't mad about your mistake
@1creekgirl (35529)
• United States
13 Dec 21
So glad it worked out well. I'm sure they realized it was an honest mistake.
@Babino (5719)
• Morocco
13 Dec 21
Lucky. They seem like nice people. Maybe they already know how sincere and serious you are and they can trust you not to make the same mistake again.
@asianlady (2752)
• Ireland
13 Dec 21
That's good and I'm happy you still have your job.