Now it's time for so-long...

Defuniak Springs, Florida
May 13, 2022 1:43am CST
....but I'll sing just one more song. If you know what I am quoting, then you are either a nineties kid, or you watched kids in the late ninties early 2000s. Of course, it's a Blue's Clues song. The next line or one of the next lines is "Thanks for doing your part, you sure are smart." Anyway, that's a ramble for another day. This is supposed to be my goodnight post. It is nearly two am, and I have to get up at six am to let dogs out and then get kids up. I just closed Slice The Pie for the night, and I have a total of $4.55 earned there. So in just $5.45, I will be able to cash out there. That is pretty exciting to me. If I could make ten bucks there a week, that would make me super happy. I don't know yet, so we will just have to see. Kids are asleep, and dogs have been out and are asleep. Turtle and fish have been fed, lights have been turned out, and now it's time for us to pack a bowl and unwind for the night. Hope everyone has a good night. I probably won't be back tonight, unless I just can't go to sleep. This picture is from the lake that we have taken the kids to a few time sin the last couple weeks.
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13 May
Blues Clues brings back some good memories for me. My grandson was so young and Blues Clues was his favorite. He never went anywhere without a crayon and pad so he could write down his clues. Of course his scribble wasn't anything legible hahahaha
• Defuniak Springs, Florida
13 May
My only male cousin on my mom's side was born the same day that Salt and Pepper on Blue's Clues had their baby Papricka, so that's a episode that is forever engrained in my memory.