I dont know your name

Friend or acquaintance?
May 13, 2022 3:45pm CST
I believe im a friendly person. I meet a lot of people everyday and im not shy to talk to them since we are all in the same work place. I dont know all of them by names but i know them with their faces. I dont know. sometimes im afraid to ask their names because they might think im romantically interested in them hahaha
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@LadyDuck (386459)
• Switzerland
14 May
I would ask, because I like to be called with my name.
@toniganzon (69090)
• Philippines
14 May
They say that people feel appreciated when they are addressed by their names. It makes them feel more important. That's why I try my best to know people's name and faces, and pray that I won't forget them.
@kaylachan (32900)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
13 May
While I don't always remember people's names, I still might ask. I like to call people by something and if possible I would rather it be their given name. Asking for a name doesn't imply romantic interest. It's just polite to call someone by a given name then a title.
@franxav (12720)
• India
13 May
Your language and behaviour can tell you are romantically interested or just want to widen your acquaintance.
@Deepizzaguy (65120)
• Lake Charles, Louisiana
13 May
I have the same problem dealing with strangers is that I recognize them facially.