Do you use a heating system now?

@dya80dya (27186)
September 23, 2022 10:20am CST
Here during the night it is very cold, almost like winter. But this won't last long because we will have good weather again soon. I started to use the heating system and this isn't easy because it is September. I don't remember using the heating system in September. I feel guilty because I don't want my parents to pay a lot. I only used it for five minutes because it is too cold.
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@moonandstars (62600)
• Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska)
24 Sep
put some heat on in the early morning and before sleep. it shouldn't be too expensive.
@sol_cee (32766)
• Philippines
23 Sep
You can wear layers instead?
@kaylachan (37488)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
23 Sep
Not cold enough for the heater, yet.
@FourWalls (47390)
• United States
23 Sep
I didn’t turn the furnace on last night, but I may tonight. It was 68 degrees in the house when I got up, which is where I like it for sleeping.
@sharon6345 (321703)
• United States
23 Sep
When I paid for heating I only used it when Kay was in the house. When she left for school or elsewhere I turned it off and wore my coat.
@arunima25 (75965)
• Bangalore, India
23 Sep
Soon it would be full fledged winter and you have to use them all the time. Isn't it? I know that winter is severe in your part. Good that you are using it consciously and not letting the electricity bill jump over the roof. Any spike in bills hurt.
@choijungeun (2099)
• Hangzhou, China
23 Sep
I never use the heating system,when the weather becomes chill,my families will burn the charcoal to get warm.Because we live in the village,we can get many free firewood and turn it into charcoal. Sad to hear your situation,your parent will be proud of having a good child like you.I wish you get over this hardship soon.
@DaddyEvil (95655)
• United States
23 Sep
No, it's not cold enough here to use the heating system. I told my daughter to just put on more clothes. It will get warm later today.