Dr Oz has embarrassed himself yet again

@NJChicaa (110499)
United States
November 5, 2022 10:15pm CST
He had a rally today with Trump and Doug Mastriano. I know nothing about Mastriano except that he is a far right election denier and scary person. Trump is, well, Trump and definitely isn't from Pennsylvania. Dr Mehmet Oz is a New Jersey resident who is pretending to live in and care about PA to get a Senate seat. The problem all along is that he ISN'T from Pennsylvania and he legit has the worst campaign team ever. There is a Twitter hashtag dedicated just to pointing out how horrible it is. (see: crudite video) Anyway the absolute FIRST thing he said on stage at the rally with Trump today was that every person should contact 10 people tomorrow--"before church or before the Steelers game"--to encourage them to vote. This was at a rally in Pittsburgh. Um, the Pittsburgh Steelers have a "bye" this week and are not playing. Anyone who lives in that half of the state (and probably the entire state) knows that. He exposed himself as a carpetbagger who knows nothing about Pennsylvania one more time. You'd think he would have been more careful after his "friend" Oprah endorsed his opponent.
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@antonbunot (11113)
• Calgary, Alberta
6 Nov
I am trying hard not to talk about politics anymore; but you forgot that pretty old Hillary ran for senator in New York? Oprah is a diehard liberal; politics for her is more important than friendship. The doctor is more mentally and physically fit to represent the people of Pennsylvania in the senate.