Stolen Affection

@gnatsmom (2056)
November 10, 2022 10:11am CST
"We must always be alert. Don't give the devil a seat at your table. This means don't give room for anything ungodly in your life. " ~Grace for purpose One of satan's most effective tools is stealing our affections. Anything that consumes our thoughts and time more than God has stolen our affections. It may be something simple or innocent, but anytime we allow another person, circumstance, or passion to consume more of our heart and mind, it becomes an idol. Not too long ago, the Lord revealed to me that I had allowed my kids to become idols. It is a good thing to love our kids. It is a good thing to provide for them and protect and nurture them. But when you begin to make all your choices based on what your kids would like, when you have no time for devotionals because you spend every moment planning how you can make your kids happy; you have made them idols. For others, the stolen affection may be for money, for some it is career, for some it is comfort, for others it is adventure. All of these things can be used for good. But if they become more important than time with God, they become sin. There was once a time in my life where cleaning became my god. It is easy to allow other things to take priority in our lives. We must guard against this. We must choose, daily, to spend time with God. He is good! He is God. He desrves our highest priority.
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@innertalks (18026)
• Australia
29 Nov
Yes, when we pursue things too much, we sometimes then forget to pursue God. God should be the focal point of our lives, not anything else.