New Years Eve woes

@NanaMc (655)
January 3, 2023 5:08am CST
New Years Eve I woke up to a stomach that just was not happy at all. I knew it was going to be a day where I felt horrible. Even knowing my stomach wasn't at it's best I got out of bed to make coffee. Boy was I wrong! I threw up, great big huge puddles of vomit, 5 times before I could even get to the coffee filters. Hubby heard me and came to see what was going on and to help me clean up the kitchen floor. Rather, he cleaned up the floor while I went to the bathroom to throw up some more. A couple hours later with me continuing to throw up he said he thought I should go to ER. I mean, OMG, I threw up in the ER waiting room and then in the triage room. They got me right back into a room, ran fluids through me and gave me a script for promethazine. I didn't feel better right away but the promethazine calmed my stomach down and I slept most of the day. Hubby and son had it yesterday :(
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@JudyEv (311820)
• Rockingham, Australia
3 Jan
That was an awful way to spend a day. And then your husband and son got it!!
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@LindaOHio (122677)
• United States
3 Jan
OMG! I hope everyone feels better soon!
@cherigucchi (14596)
• Philippines
3 Jan
That was awful. I hope you are fine by now.