Is there something in your past that you would change?

@grkelly (1206)
March 10, 2023 4:30am CST
If you were to go back in time, would you change something that you did in your life? Maybe a particular decision which could change the course of how your life evolved? Personally I would change the line of studies I took back when I was 16, so as to have a different career later. But I guess that what's done is done! And while it is possible to change things a bit over time, it is not always possible to set things right in some cases.
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@missfefe (11)
• Kenya
15 Mar
Definitely. I feel like I spent alot of time focusing on what people wanted me to be and following their choices instead of living in my truth. I'm coming into my own slowly but surely but there are some things I'd have definitely changed. Even so it's good to look at such things as a stepping stone and a lesson learnt, well that's what I'm practicing and working on!!
@Nurlia (87)
14 Mar
actually there are things that I want to change, but I think that what happened is not to be regretted, the past is the past, if there have been mistakes then it will be a lesson for me to prepare for the future, because in my opinion life is a learning process.
@cttolledo (5396)
• Philippines
11 Mar
I want to change my old eating habit . With that habit , I gained a lot and currently struggling as consequences of that past. Now, I am trying to fix it.
@RebeccasFarm (110868)
• Wheat Ridge, Colorado
10 Mar
Yes, I would never have married.
@Gguusia (403)
• Poland
12 Mar
Sometimes I thought about turning back time and being able to change my decisions. However, thinking about it deeper, it would not be good, because what I have now and what kind of people I surround myself with would not be possible without certain situations from the past. Every experience is important, even the bad and unpleasant ones. It teaches us something about ourselves and others.
• China
10 Mar
I don't want to change any of my decisions in the past. I hope my life will be richer in the future.
@marguicha (208352)
• Chile
10 Mar
Mostly I regret some things I have said in the heat of a discussion to my loved ones.
@LadyDuck (438100)
• Switzerland
10 Mar
I mainly regrets things that I have not done, but I do not regret my past decisions
@Icydoll (36848)
• India
10 Mar
I don't have any regrets so far with my decisions that i took in my life .While we learn from mistakes ,it's common in life.
@arunima25 (83114)
• Bangalore, India
10 Mar
I have done a few mistakes and made some wrong decisions. But then they seemed right for that time. I have no regrets about them now. I would not like to change it. Life has not been perfect but it's beautiful!