what is happiness ?

March 16, 2023 9:26pm CST
Happiness is an emotion that gives us satisfaction. It means that happiness has no meaning that how we will get it or how we can get it. Many people say that happiness comes from those works which we like. There is a lot of meaning in what other people say. I experience this in doing the work that I like and also the work that I do not like. It still makes me feel happy or it just flows on its own sometimes. With whom people like to live happily ever after in their life. What is your opinion on this, please tell me by comment. ..............Thank you......
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@RebeccasFarm (87091)
• United States
17 Mar 23
I think that one has to make their own happiness. Yes we can do that. Even as you say in doing something we do not like to do, we just can change our perspective, if possible and let the happiness flow.
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@leighnyork (1880)
19 Mar 23
Happiness is an emotion and we all deserve to be happy by doing what we enjoy doing.
17 Mar 23
I dont have any idea. I feel doing work is happiness
@Icydoll (36717)
• India
17 Mar 23
Happiness lies within us . We should feel content with whatever we have
@Adie04 (17360)
17 Mar 23
Happiness is taking care and maintaining mental health.
@Gotrix (202)
17 Mar 23
I agree that happiness can come from enjoying one's work, but it's not the only way to achieve happiness. It's important to find a balance in life and engage in various activities that bring satisfaction. Additionally, our environment and relationships with other people can also influence our happiness and well-being.
@LadyDuck (463678)
• Switzerland
17 Mar 23
We create our own happiness, doing what we like to do and being content of what we have.