My Husband is Suffering from Sciatica

United States
March 18, 2023 7:37pm CST
My husband is having an awful bout with Sciatica. In the morning when he wakes up he can hardly walk because the pain is so bad. At first, he thought it was from another condition that he has but he went to that doctor and it is not that. He has been to 3 doctors now, one of whom ordered an X-Ray, but it didn't show much. This last doctor is for pain control and that doctor ordered an MRI which can't happen until Wednesday. This doctor doesn't want to make any big decisions about treatment until he gets the results of an MRI. But he doubled the medication one doctor put him on, and ordered a muscle relaxer. Neither of those has worked. The next medication he ordered for him is an oral steroid. He is on his second day of that and so far that is the only thing that has given him any relief. But not much, only a little bit. He said if he is really desperate, he ordered an opioid for him, but he really doesn't want to take that. So we are taking it day by day until Wednesday and will know more after that. Have you ever had a bout of sciatica? Can you recommend anything that might help him?
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@marguicha (201219)
• Chile
19 Mar
I had. I also had back surgery. And occationally I have bouts of sciatica in spite of the surgery. The knee doctor started to give me strong pain killers for my knees. I did not tell him that I also had sciatica at that moment because that´s another doctor and another payment. And I know my sciatica, It comes and goes when it pleases it. The knee doctor gave me 3 strong pain killers for my knees (and ordered immediatly an MRI as that´s the only exam that shows well soft tissues (his words). He gave me Tramadol (37,5 mg) with Paracetamol (325 mg) twice a day. And Celecoxib (200 mg) once a day. The next day my knee pain was about the same but the sciatica was no more. I could not tell you which of the meds did it though. And some people are allergic to Tramadol, just in case.
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@FourWalls (52915)
• United States
19 Mar
I’m so sorry. I use lidocaine patches and Tylenol, since I don’t want narcotic medication. It doesn’t always help, but usually it does. But everyone is different, of course. I pray he’s better quickly. That pain is indescribably awful.
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@1creekgirl (35458)
• United States
19 Mar
Bless his heart, that sure sounds terrible. I'll say a prayer for him right now.
@just4him (273036)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
20 Mar
I'm sorry he's suffering so much from sciatica. I've only had it once and it didn't last long. It was a long time ago.
@thebos (1619)
• Kisumu, Kenya
19 Mar
I have never heard of such a disease but I only hope that it has a cure I'm sorry to hear that
@coldplay8 (1895)
• Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska)
i am sorry for his pain.well, since christmas, when i really walked a lot but to doctors' appointments, which were located in hills mostly, i sensed pain in that area and i even limped. it went away, from the legs but spreaded near my hips and upper legs more.since my proteins are high and afyer kidney biopsy i found out i have an early stage of autoimmune kidney inflammation, my doctor for all of these months said it is the kidneys' fault, it will all be okay. kidney specialist said no when i mentioned muscles, legs, it is not connected so, after 3months i am scheduled for physical therapy, my first time on april 21. can't wait. it is less painful now as it was at first but i can't walk or sit as i used to and i need answers, what is this. even my one muscle jumped a bit,it is visible.
@RebeccasFarm (90453)
• Wheat Ridge, Colorado
19 Mar
I am so very sorry to read this about your husband. That pain must be unmerciful!! Yeah opiods of course they don't want to prescribe those, but I hope he can get them if need be, well need be now!! I do not suffer from sciatca thank God, I am blessed. I just looked it up and I see the can do epidural pain medication too I guess. Some kind of nerve blocker perhaps? This is terrible that there is nothing they have given to help with that excruciating pain, I am sorry. The only thing I could find was natural sites: In the comments at the bottom many people have different suggestions or experience.
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@wolfgirl569 (73037)
• Marion, Ohio
19 Mar
Hope he finds something
@rakski (106963)
• Philippines
19 Mar
I'm sorry to know this. I hope the new doctor will be able to give him more for his passion after seeing the MRI results
@sallypup (53433)
• Centralia, Washington
19 Mar
I've lived with sciatica for years. No fun at all. A physical therapist got me walking when I was having a bad spell. Now I am fortunate to have a warm water pool to exercise in. Gentle stretches once the pain eases is what I have been told to do- I lie down and gently stretch both knees at the same time toward my back and gently pull my back that way. Sometimes I can't do that much. I hope the best for your hubby.