This was the Tennessee representative's Christmas card picture

@NJChicaa (114930)
United States
March 27, 2023 1:19pm CST
Andy Ogles is a MAGA Republican representative whose district just experienced a school shooting which killed 6 victims as well as the shooter. This was the representative's latest Christmas card image of his family. Looks totally normal, right? Like what sane person poses with their wife and children all holding guns? Who associates Christmas with being armed with semi-automatic weapons? Ah yes--the Christmas tree, presents, festive lights, and means of murder. And we wonder why these government officials won't vote to regulate guns. And we wonder why children and teachers keep being murdered in schools. This is sick. But 2A! 'Murica!
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@yukimori (10134)
• United States
27 Mar
You know the "this is fine" dog meme, with the anthropomorphic dog sitting at a table with a cup of coffee while everything around him is going up in flames? I feel like that's anyone who looks at a picture like that and goes "this is normal." At this point we need to start asking these lawmakers point-blank why they want children and teachers to die violently. What agenda are they pursuing that is actively furthered by their failure to act on these matters?
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@fluffysue (1482)
• United States
28 Mar
It's disgusting, really. But I'm sure it's "too soon" to talk about this, right? Unfortunately, it's always too soon, because it never stops!! I heard today, and I forgot the number, but over 100 mass shootings this year (I believe it was around 120). We don't even hear about them all anymore because there are so many! I can still remember being young, maybe 8 or so, when there was a mass shooting at a McDonald's somewhere. (nowhere by me, but a mass shooting was big enough back then to make news, even back in the 80s before internet. I know I can look it up and figure out where, because IT WAS THE ONLY ONE.) I remember because it was an unusual event, and it scared me to think that something like that could happen at a place where children had birthday parties. (Yes, they did that in the 80s!).Now kids are taught to expect that someone might shoot at them at any time! Little kids! Because it happens all the time. It's heartbreaking.
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@kaylachan (54027)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
27 Mar
I know why, because baning social media is so important.
• Eugene, Oregon
27 Mar
Absolutely sickening. No one should vote for some bozo that stupid.
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@LindaOHio (148721)
• United States
17 Apr
This sends the wrong message to everyone that receives this card.