Sunscreen in the US lasts for at least 3 years

@NJChicaa (111817)
United States
May 25, 2023 3:15pm CST
I didn't know that. I am about to put together my pool bag. I have lots of sunscreen left from last summer because the pool didn't open and I never got over to the beach. I was planning to use it regardless but I just consulted the University of Google to see if it would still be as effective. Apparently the FDA requires that sunscreen maintain its effectiveness for THREE YEARS here in the US. That for me would never even be a possibility because I am a sun worshiper. It is good to know that the stuff I have will still work. I have a couple of bottles of 30 and at least one 15 and an 8. I already have a good base tan so I will start with the 30 and work to the 8. I'll probably only need 8 or 15 at the most for the rest of the summer. In my bag I'll have my extra large towel, lip balm, facial and body sunscreen, tissues, a book, the pool pass, and a pair of sunglasses. I'll add a water bottle and snacks to it each day before I go. I really wish I could find my AirPods. They are somewhere in this apartment but I have no idea where. It gets annoying when the autistic guy shows up and repeats the same phrases over and over and over again for like an hour. It would be nice to be able to block that out. When I picked up the pass the woman said "it is supposed to be cool on Saturday." I replied "I don't care. I will be there." She said "just because you can?" and I said "because I've been waiting for 3 years".
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@kaylachan (45544)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
25 May
Yes, take full advantage. George and I do.
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@RubyHawk (90865)
• Atlanta, Georgia
26 May
I’m hoping our pools open this weekend. They were closed two years and last year opened sporadically.
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@LindaOHio (122905)
• United States
26 May
Sounds like you will actually get to go this year. Yay!