Hot Water Mystery: Can it Really Kill Cancer Cells

@Manasha (2727)
Pondicherry, India
March 13, 2024 6:06am CST
Hey everyone, let's talk about the intriguing claim that lemon in hot water can kill cancer cells. It's a topic that's been circulating in health circles, often accompanied by bold statements about the miraculous powers of natural remedies. While lemon water does offer some health benefits due to its vitamin C content and potential antioxidant properties, asserting that it can specifically target and destroy cancer cells requires a closer look. As curious individuals seeking to separate fact from fiction, it's crucial to approach such claims with skepticism and a critical eye. Let's delve into the scientific evidence, if any, behind this assertion and explore the broader context of cancer treatment and prevention. What are your thoughts on this claim?" is it true?
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@LadyDuck (460346)
• Switzerland
13 Mar
Drinking hot lemon water DOES NOT kill cancer cells. That was one of those stupid fake rumors spread through facebook.
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@youless (112164)
• Guangzhou, China
14 Mar
Of course I wish it could be real. I think it won't be so easy. If it can kill cancer cells so easily, then there won't be so many people who suffer from this disease and die of it.
@snowy22315 (171153)
• United States
13 Mar
That sounds far too simple to be true.
@RebeccasFarm (86976)
• United States
13 Mar
I sometimes use hot water to cure some issues.
@Beestring (13476)
• Hong Kong
13 Mar
This cannot be true. If hot lemon water can kill cancer cells, cancer patients need not go through all the painful therapies.