Lazy day memories

@sissy15 (12269)
United States
March 25, 2024 9:56am CST
Sometimes I've found lazy days make for the best memories. My husband has two jobs so more often than not it's just my son and me at home. My husband gets food at work so I have been making dinner for just my son and myself. One of our "fun" dinners is a dinner of snack foods while we watch a movie. Sometimes I don't want to cook. I want to be able to relax and enjoy time with my son. It is something my son loves. Our snack dinner isn't all junk food I use a lot of vegetables and fruits. I usually have carrots, cucumber, strawberries, apples, yogurt, cheese sticks, soft pretzel bites, cookies, and some candy. It is a mix between healthy and junk food. It's a nice treat after a long week. We usually take all of our food into the living room and sit and watch a movie. It's a fun lazy night where we can just rest our brains and not worry about cooking and cleaning. It's such a small thing but it means a lot to my son. Sometimes doing nothing is everything when you just need a break and to spend a little time with someone you love. Neither my son nor I eat a lot and sometimes being able to snack instead of eat a big meal that takes forever to cook and clean up after makes a big difference in our day and our ability to spend quality time together. I did tell my son I was going to teach him to cook soon and we'll also spend time together that way but sometimes we just want easy.
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@JudyEv (327282)
• Rockingham, Australia
26 Mar
That sounds the perfect way to end the day. Your son will remember time spent with you over and above the meals he has.
@Happy2BeMe (99386)
• Canada
25 Mar
I use to do that with my kids when they were little. On Friday nights we would hall the mattresses into the living room and watch at the time was TGIF and have a dinner of snacks. They are grown adults and those are some of their best mrmories. My ex worked nightshift so it was often just me and the kids.