Sports and Kids

December 6, 2006 7:24am CST
My son 4y old was playing soccer ball for about 2 months. Now the class is over. He is very high per and every evening at least for about 1 hour I have to play fights with him (this way he can jump on me!). He tries to do some karate steps that he learned I don't where. So, I think I like to put him in some karate classes or Tai-ken-do classes; do you think this kind activity will stimulate any violent personality on him or should I involve him in something else? I really need spend his energy especially in the winter!
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• Brazil
19 Jun 07
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• Brazil
19 Jun 07
Querida irmã, Precisamos falar contigo. Favor enviar o seu telefone para Beijos.
@lafavorito (2964)
• Philippines
12 Dec 06
Martial Arts always teaches discipline to those who are studying it. The instructors often say to use martials arts only to defend yourself and you loved ones, it is wrong to use martial arts to overpower other people. And since your son has a good mom, I doubt that he will turn violent, just keep on reminding him that he's enrolled in martial arts for fun or for sports.
@Dolcerina (3379)
• Hungary
7 Dec 06
Hello, Karate is good enough. My son (6y old) is swimming. 4times per week. They need some sport activities what make them tired. Anyway, I would never fight with him. My son also has boxgloves. If he has too much energy I ask him, to fight with the wall. He gets tired very soon :-)
• Romania
7 Dec 06
a kid needs to play and they have a lot of energy. the karake class it's perfect for him. not only that i will consyme his energy but i can learn a way to control him and be well-schooled. sow go for it, don't lose time. and no he wont be more violent. he eill learn that the karate it's for protection not for attack.
@GardenGerty (118006)
• United States
6 Dec 06
Smart mom--your child is very active and you want to let him use that energy--smiles. I understand that Tai Kwan Do and Karate are very beneficial because they teach discipline as well as the physical abilities. That way your son is not practicing some goofy moves he thinks he has seen on TV,or from friends. I personally would not play fighting games with him, as it is hard to draw tha line between fun and possibly hurting you. Welcome to myLot, I hope you find lots of new friends.