Take away women's rights?

@iAlicia (758)
United States
December 17, 2006 2:56pm CST
WTF? I just read this on a petition board: All these people signed this!!!???!! Number Date Name Age Gender Comments 12 10:03 pm PST, Dec 11 Joshua Schultz 27 Male Women should be seen and Not Heard. Women should NOT be allowed to be seen in public without a male escort. Women should NOT be allowed to VOTE or own Property. 11 12:04 pm PDT, Jun 21 Kory Barrow 13 Male I agree w/ the other Kory. There job is around the house and the bedroom only!!! 10 3:08 pm PDT, Oct 21 Anonymous 17 Male Things were fine back when women didnt have rights, then a couple started protesting and ruined it for everyone else. 9 3:03 pm PDT, Oct 21 Anonymous 18 Male women arent as efficient as men in the workplace 8 9:57 am PDT, Oct 5 Rustam Katranov 27 Male We should respect women, they give us the life. Thanks them a lot! ram_kz@mail.ru 7 2:52 pm PDT, May 6 Anonymous 19 Male women dont deserve to keep jobs...they supposed to cook n sh!t for the men o the house...who needs this f*ck!n fast food crap...i want a home cooked meal not some soggy @ss fries and a watered down coke...f*ck the womens working class....they need to get they @sses back in the kitchen and cook me some f*ck!n chiggin 6 6:01 pm PDT, May 5 Tylers the Hotness 15 Male!!!!!!! 5 5:55 pm PDT, May 5 Appy x 0 Male stop b!tch!n n make me sum chicken 4 5:54 pm PDT, May 5 Matt Davis 15 Male Cooking and Cleaning is what we need 3 5:53 pm PDT, May 5 Mark Savoia 15 Male WOMEN ARE ONLY GOOD FOR 1 THING 2 5:52 pm PDT, May 5 Joe Fortino 16 Male Women belong in the kitchen. When I get home from work, my dinner better be on that damn table or you can get the hell out of my house! 1 4:40 pm PDT, May 5 kory barrow 0 Male quit b!tchin get back to the kitchen Am I the only one that thinks this is crap! I am absolutley appalled!!!!
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• Philippines
17 Dec 06
wer'd this come from? this is crazy...
@sunnypub (2130)
• United States
17 Dec 06
Yes it is disgusting. I don't think it is shocking though. My husband and I were just talking about this last night after his work Christmas party. He said that one of his co-workers is just like that. Any woman who wants to be with him had better be used to doing all of the housework, having dinner on the table for him when he gets home, had better have s&x with him when he says and basically be at his beck and call and do what he says. the sad part is that he does have a girlfriend who want to live that way also. I told my husband he better not want a woman like that because he would have to go find someone else. I like my rights just fine thanks and I would never live like that.