I love my wife very much?And she snores very badly.

Snoring wife - Snoring wife
By Bala
@balasri (26549)
December 19, 2006 5:47am CST
Plese tell me what to do.
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@vehaileairu (2286)
• Philippines
19 Dec 06
a sleep with my dear...one ordinary day.. - i love him so much..
hahah^_^ have you read the latest novel of sydney sheldon? are you afraid of the dark.. the part where his husband told his wife because of so much love it is.. he said "your snoring is like music to my ears"... see.. what love can do.. well, snoring is of connection to breathing to heart, theres a colesterol rate and a lining of abnormalities. it cant be ignored.. thus we need medical attention at once.. please do bring her to a specialist, a physical therapist may tell you what to do, but have the doctors for sure results.. dont worry... love is still there, i dont want to advise a separation of room and bed.. because im a woman, and i know how it feels comfortable to be with someone you love so much lying beside you feeling his/her heat.. oh.. my dear does snores a lot too.. heheh so when he sleeps i just always tap him slowly and remind him his snoring a lot and massages his back always, so even if hes sleeping but his pre conscious mind will remind his snore is loud and i cant sleep.. i always touch him and embrace his back, it prevents him from too much snore thus gives him proper breathing..
@hazeter (671)
• Philippines
19 Dec 06
i think u just admit what she is like snores badly. Coz u love her so much so admit and accept her. Or maybe ask for a doctor to solve that problem maybe the snores may lessen.