Should TELANGANA be seperated from A.P.???

@abrcet (563)
September 25, 2006 4:29am CST
wots ur opinion abt that??
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@vandana7 (75818)
• India
18 Dec 09
Hi abrcet, I find it difficult to digest that. This is because we have a langauge that is different in script from that of most northern states. It is also different from that of most southern states and Eastern states. That is what gives us the identity. Now breaking it further doesnt really make sense. Even economically it would be a disaster! Look at it like this, towards west we have Rayalaseema, and towards east we have coastal region. Now, if Rayalseema became a different state, it would build a couple of dams on the river that flow from west into the Telangana region! It would become electricity surplus state and sell to Madras below, and Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh up. It needs to earn monies after all. By throwing out people from Seema, we will hardly be considered for selling any power to us! We may be charged exorbitant prices. Now towards the coastal side, they have gas, and they already have thermal power. They also have gas discovered in high seas, and fisheries apart from the naturally endowed delta region to grow crops. Once Rayalseema separates the water supply will be constricted, and so will the power supply. We wont be able to keep software industries here for sure, and nor will we be able to grow crops on meagre water resources! It is like cutting our own legs as of now! Right now the foreign monies are flowing in and it needs to seep in. I admit it is taking time, but it is flowing to lower levels. Let it go that way instead of sending away industries. If that happens students will have no jobs in near future. As of now, businesses are not discriminating. They are employing candidates based on merits. But once this feeling comes, they too will look after their own kind! Not a good idea in my opinion.
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6 Oct 07
always dividing wont give results there must be good leader to make good things not by dividing regions
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16 Jun 07
No not at all !!! iam from telangana and i don't like all this seperation stuff, kind of weird isn't it, if seperated who will be the CM, K.Chandrashekhar Rao ??? i don't think he will be a good CM. As far as i know he is very mean, he only sees for his comfort and not for the people. But i strongly request the govt of AP to develop the telangana area as it is very backward and people suffer with lot of problems.
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11 Jun 07
I dont think that v need to seperate... kalisi unte kaladu shukam... So please dont post yes... tell me the reason why u want it...
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3 Jun 07
i don't thing so that we required the telangana if you plan properly to develop this place
@vijeshvk (417)
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4 Oct 06
sorry, i didnt get ur question....
@jask8er (509)
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26 Sep 06
huh?, am confused,, what are you talking abt ?