Did Jesus have siblings??

December 24, 2006 4:03am CST
I came across an article in a daily. According to which, deep in the Judean dessert, in a remote area of the Holy land that is very much like the ones in Biblical times, there's a Greek monastry with a highly unusual portrait of Jesus in its chapel. In this picture, there is young Jesus being carried on Joseph's shoulder, while his mother Mary rides behind them. And there is a mysterious fourth figure- a young man with a golden halo who is wearing a simple dark robe. His name is James, and, according to a controversial Channel 4 documentary, to be screened on Christman Day, Jesus did have a hidden family, not wife and children(like in The Da Vinci Code), but brothers and sisters-James, Joses, Simon, Jude( sometimes referred to as Judas), Salome and young Mary. The documentary claims that the church tried to eradicate them from the history by re-writing Christ's story, falsely crediting him with creating the Lord's Prayer and inventing the Idea that hi mother Mary was a Virgin liflong. Over the centuries, ther ehad been many theories. The most is that Joseph was a widower, who had children from his first marriage when he met Mary and that James and his other siblings are only Jesus' half brothers and sisters. I have no idea if these theories are true or not. What do you think about it? Does anybody else, have any information about this?
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@pumpkinjam (7540)
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27 Dec 06
I saw that programme and although it was fairly interesting, I'm not sure that much was actually found out about Jesus's family. I, personally, believe that Jesus did have more family than just Mary and Joseph. Even if the theory that Joseph was a widower with children from his first marriage were true, that would still make those children Jesus's family, although not blood related assuming Jesus was actually the son of God and not human. Also, even if you believe that Mary was a perpetual virgin, her and Joseph no doubt had brothers and sisters of their own so Jesus would have had uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. so whichever way you look at it, Jesus MUST have had other family. And if those siblings were all older than Jesus then yes they could have been from a previous marriage of Joseph but, as I said before, they are still Jesus's family.
• India
4 Jan 07
yes you r right!!