Why nurses are in demand in US?

@clark16 (375)
December 25, 2006 5:53pm CST
Why there so many nurses americans needed, my friend once told me about that, she's concerened if there's a war going to happen that's why they outsource it worldwide??? or that's how bad they needed it..
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@mangjr (22)
• Philippines
23 Feb 07
In my opinion, i think the reason why nurses are in demand in US because of the fact that there are so many eleders. High population, and I hate to say this but, what i know in american people is that they are not as much caring than in other countries. they tend to leave their grandmas and grandpas in the home for the agent. Teenagers that reached the age of 13 is comewhat legal and independent in their lives. Therefore they require nurses so that they wont have to worry or be bothered by their relatives that are illed or non funtional... (just an opinion) (not necessarily true)
• Philippines
31 Jan 07
Nurses are in demand in the US because of the increasing amount of elderly people. I have cousins who are working there and thats actually the reason they always tells us whenever we have the chance to talk to them. The demand for nurses is actually upto 10 years to 20 years. Another reason is that, more and more nurses are retiring from work thats why they need a large number of nurses as manpower to replace the lost. They do get nurses not only from one single country like the philippines but also from other countries like india and china. thats why i think its a great opportunity for nurses to work in the US because they can really earn good there. I am a nurse so i am also hoping that i will passed all the necessary exams and work there in the future.
• United States
19 Jan 07
Because America is growing everyday. Can you imagine how many people are moving to America yearly? They say the baby boomers from the past are growing old and they need to be taken care of. Not a lot of Americans study to become nurses, some don't like to attend college, some don't like to be nurses.
@dhomzkie (12)
• Philippines
29 Dec 06
it's because US has adult population and more nurses are needed to support the increasing rate of it..
@remaster74 (4065)
• Greece
28 Dec 06
First of all, USA is a huge country and it is very likely that the usa needs many nurses for the numerous hospitals that has. Don't worry, nurses are needed all the time.
• United States
26 Dec 06
Because nurses are treated like indentured servants dispite all the education. Pay sucks treatment is lousy, so after a few years of trying to find the soft cuddly jobs and finding out that nursing is a draining nonglamorous profession they BAIL OUT!
@adnan007 (1083)
• India
26 Dec 06
Nurses has more demands in the US because maybe the nurses quantity in US will be low.
• Hyderabad, India
26 Dec 06
there a more no of hospital in usa that why the nurses r in demand in usa