December 28, 2006 6:15am CST
Once there lives a fisherman in a village. He used to catch five fish daily. He sold four of them and with that money he bought things for his daily needs, and the fith fish he kept for his food. He was free in the afternoon and spent time in helping other people or in reading newspapers available in the nearyby teaso\hop. Thus he led a happy and contented life. One day a man who came from the twon observed the kind of life the fisherman led and gave him some advice. He said, you don't know how to live. you can catch abut five hundered fish if you work from morning till night. In two months youcan buy a big fishing net with the money you'll get by selling these fish. Within six months you will have enough money to buy a fishing boat. After that you can buy a bungalow, a car and then you will become a rich man. To this the fisherman asked, what are these things for? The other man replied, To make you happy. The fisherman said, I am already happy,Thank you for your advice.
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