Traditions... Practices,explosions!.. new year... traditionally exploded hands?.

sparkle.. in a new year life... mild light i hope. - traditions so futile
December 31, 2006 11:47am CST
happy new year everyone... loud booms in here... and even past one hour from the stike of new year, a lot of fire crackers still rule the sound.. i remeber, volunteering for first aid in red cross, past years ago, where most, children do have accidents of blisters and burnt or exploded flesh.. with so many fatality, i even had stitches even if im not a doctor.. but good thing it went well. most of the survivors did thanked me.. other victims swear never to have fire crackers and explosives again, while others still never learnt a lesson.. do you think traditional lighting of stuff are still good to practice? do you have fire crackers etc.. every new year? do still believe its a tradition and must be practiced forever? well.. we dont have, we have prayers and happy lod musics instead.. i dont get it, why the less fortunate sacrifice the food budget just to show off some explosions and end up getting hurt and do have accidents.. well, have your pont.. happy new year everyone..
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