Would you elect Pinocchio if he ran for the president?

@cristi20 (2139)
January 1, 2007 1:23pm CST
Pinocchio-isn't he adorable?
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@tambdy (1968)
1 Jan 07
Yes he is and he could probally do a bit better than bush and make less mistakes. No i think i would elect mickey mouse if he ran for president i think him and minney would do a great job.
@cristi20 (2139)
• Romania
1 Jan 07
thank you for the response
• United States
2 Jan 07
Hahaha...picoccio...like somone said above, he would probably do a better job than Bush lol...
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@daliaj (5680)
• India
24 Jul 09
I will elect Pinocchio, if he ran for president. I would prefer somebody with the nose length increasing when they lie for the post of president. Yes, I recently watched the pinocchio movie. It is an adorable character. This is an intersting discussion.