If you found a geni ????

January 2, 2007 3:15am CST
if a geni shown to u and u have three wishes what it will be mine is : 1-I want to know everything. 2-I want alot of money. 3-I want an island with all of my family and friends in it.
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@tigrashadow (1086)
• Australia
2 Jan 07
wouldnt it be nice if genies were real.... id like a lot of money (multi millions so i can invest and also help others in need and be able to give to my friends and a comfortable life for myself too) id love for the global warming problem to be rewound far enough that we can fix the problem with the knowledge we have now and lastly happiness and good health for me and my friends and family
• Egypt
9 Jan 07
• Philippines
2 Jan 07
hmm... Tough question... If I found a genie, I'll wish for: 1. No more poverty. 2. Good life for me, my family, and friends. 3. More Wishes!!! haha... =)
• Egypt
2 Jan 07
good wishes but the geni will run away from u