Why do people copy text from the most obvious sources and paste into discussions

January 3, 2007 7:27am CST
I have noticed on a few ocassions that people have copied from wikipedia and pasted into a discussion. Why get into something like this, atleast be a little creative; use the information from there but put it in your own words. If you can't why don't you just give people a link to the wikipedia page rather than copying the contents.
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@Ashida (1370)
• United States
9 Jan 07
Someone cut and pasted to one of my discussions and left the wikipedia foornotes in. I reported it and a few days later it was gone from my post. I just came across another one in someone else's post that received a best response and was copied from a different website. Now, I'm no mylot nazi, but sheesh! It just bothered me becasue the discussion was a serious one about coping with the loss of a pet, and the person who started the discussion seemed genuine. I agree with you though. If you are going to steal, at least be a tiny bit creative.
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@mariam74 (555)
• Egypt
3 Jan 07
I don't think so are you sure about this because I'm till now always write my point of view not others
3 Jan 07
I am not saying everybody does it. There are some very good discussions with people posting there own views, but there are a few who copy things from wikipedia. I say if you have to copy something atleast credit the source.
@riyasam (16567)
• India
3 Jan 07
forget them.i know it can be very annoying
@JoeyCa (1810)
• Belgium
3 Jan 07
yeah, the copy/paste stuff can be quite annoying... xx