2 yr olds nightmares

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January 3, 2007 10:50pm CST
The other night, my 2 year old woke up crying. Recalling her dream with no coaching she told us that the grinch bit her hand. My husband was opposed to her watching the grinch movie in the first place, but since her favorite movie right now is braveheart, i didn't think it would be a problem. she LOVES "Mr Grinch" and was even given a grinch doll as a gift. She puts him in her doll high chair and feeds him mashed potatoes. Should i shelter her from the grinch or until she shows futher fear of him, just let her continue to play. We did get her a play sword since she like braveheart so I don't see the difference with the grinch doll. What do you think?
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@GardenGerty (126826)
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10 Jan 07
I would think more practically. I believe she might even have slept on her hand and it fell asleep and was painful.She was dreaming about Mr. Grinch. She does not probably have expressive language for that experience, but told you what it felt and seemed like to her, based on her experiences and the words that she has mastered. I would not make a big thing about the Grinch if she is not. She has not been afraid of him since then has she
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11 Jan 07
No she hasn't shown any further reaction to the Grinch. She now says that the grinch bit her in her mouth when we tell people about her dream but other than that no fear at all. No she did get scared of one of the church ladies tonight but that may fall into another category....Thanks for the response!