Things you do at home when you are alone?

@rijilmk (283)
January 4, 2007 12:35pm CST
When your father and mother is not at the home what will you do?
7 responses
@learner6 (25)
• Pakistan
30 May 08
it depends on the relationship with ur parents and you.if some one is relaxed with his perents ,he will be the same when alone.but if some parents are tight ,the children have tendency to do lot of things alone, in my teen age i was interested in cooking and to call freind , watching tv ,using net ,or playing some game, but it is also a very good quesion , that how many call their girl friend at home ......
@laydee (12811)
• Philippines
11 Jul 07
I will do what I usually do. Eat, sleep, relax, watch tv, clean house, do myLot. Same as everyday. =)
@skyhit (390)
• Indonesia
4 Jan 07
listen music with high volume
@saikat123 (235)
• India
4 Jan 07
i watch t.v..
@OhMyDayz (157)
4 Jan 07
I either go on my computor, watch tv, play music or have a few friends up. Something that just doesn't make me bored!
• Italy
4 Jan 07
i watch tv,surfing on internet
@cristi20 (2139)
• Romania
4 Jan 07
i usually get along with my friends and have a wild party....and then go outside and find diverse activities until we get bored-it hasn't happened until now but as a prevention for this I included getting bored...hahaha..we are young and get rid of the daily stress,normal routine and enjoy yourself and your friends..have a nice day!