Where are apples grown?

United States
January 6, 2007 8:21pm CST
I was reading another discussion and someone mentioned being in a tropical climate. They said they have to import apples! I thought, naively, that apples grew in all climates. Can't people in tropical climates grow apple trees? And, if they can not; why?I would grow dwarf trees in my home! They still provide you with an abundance of apples. They have all kinds of container crops; why not Apples?
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@Kalyni2011 (3496)
• India
12 Apr 11
I am from india, the place where i live is hot, apples don't grow here, some tried but they looked green, tasteless and some sour, our apples come from north, kashmir, Himachalpradesh etc. Thanks for sharing Happy posting, cheers. Namastey. Kalyani
@GardenGerty (132989)
• United States
9 Apr 11
Until reading these other responses I thought all apples had to have a cool to cold season in order to set fruit. I guess I was wrong, because I see some people saying they do grow apples in their more tropical countries. I suppose it depends on the variety of tree you are growing. I know when I lived in San Diego I was surprised to learn that they could grow lilacs only up in the mountains and if they wanted tulips and such to bloom they had to keep the bulbs in the refrigerator for seven weeks.
@gifana (4834)
• Portugal
20 Jan 07
I assume what they were saying is that the tropical fruit are more prevalent. Perhaps it is because the soil in some tropical countries are not compatible with apples...although it seems rather farfetched. In those areas where apples are not native, it would seem that no one up until now has even thought about importing young trees to start growing apples thereby creating a new industry. I'm no botanist so I cannot answer your question professionally. But I was thinking of when I lived in Mexico and South America I don't recall seeing many apples for sale of it there were they would probably have been expensive.