singlehood pregnancy

January 7, 2007 7:04am CST
what should a college student running for an honor do when she gets pregnant? have an abortion or let the baby live? how should she face the consequences without her sanity falling apart?
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@vehaileairu (2286)
• Philippines
7 Jan 07
first of all, hold on the line of sanity. it doesnt mean shes pregnant and it will be the end of it, or the end of her world... the actions to make are, communicate and talk with the guy, the person who was responsible for her pregnancy. talk with him, because the act they did is equivallent of consiquence, and thus they should know it, they are not high school little gurly who get hooked and be of surprise a parent right away.. then, have inform of the parents.. of both parties.. IF they decided to keep the child... im not a killer, but i do care for her sanity, if its abortion the only way to keep her mind, why not... she needs counceling.. a psychatrist will do, or other open minded professors can do help in decision making... but if she if certain to abort it, theres no need to inform other people than both of them. thats usually the case when we hop in and spoil our selves with pleasure and with desire... sometimes, not thinking of the consequences of our actions can do affect us a lot in the product of the later part... its a malpractice of our reasoning of our logic which was given above to us all... to balance and be ahead of the actions and dids we have to take.. as they say, regret is in the end. but i dont believe it, its suppose to be prevented or avoided if and only we have given our reasoning, our mind, our insight our will a time and space first before jumping in a mess. but whatever they did mistakes, lessons and moral will always be learnt of a gift to mature them not to commit such unplanned childish acts again... ^_^ take care..