what part do you think is the best of the Godfathers, 1, 2 or 3

@hasseyg (313)
January 9, 2007 11:17am CST
I personally think 2
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@korek222 (702)
• Poland
9 Jan 07
i loved all three of them but i mostly loved PArt One :)
• India
11 Jan 07
I loved 1 and 3
• India
11 Jan 07
you knw that part three was not thatttt good enough... but yes part one and part two just rocked...
• United States
1 Apr 09
I enjoyed the first movie because of the exciting bevy of characters (mainly Sonny), but part 2 offers an absoultely amazing character metamorphasis in Michael Corleone and offers the viewer rich Corleone family history. So, I think part 2 is the better movie.
@kampo90 (289)
• Antarctica
23 Mar 07
I liked the first one the second one is almost there as the first one but the thirs one is a rating lower than the first to (it wasent bad but not as good as the first two)
• India
7 Mar 07
My favourite is Godfather 1.
@bluewings (3857)
6 Mar 07
I liked all three of them,but if I was to pick just one ,then it has to be the first part.However,if you read the book 'The Godfather ' then you would like it more than the movies because it has a better sequence than the movie and stirs up your imagination.
@cooltito (28)
• India
25 Feb 07
for me part one is the best because da father son duo was awesome there
• Italy
24 Feb 07
Hi, I prefer part 1 and part 2. On part 1 there's a great Marlon Brando as Don Corleone and his in interpretation was simply awesome. On part 2 there's a great Robert DeNiro as a young Don Corleone.
• Belgium
31 Jan 07
Definitely 1, that's where it all started out and I think it's the most original of all. Also the characters are the best in godfather 1 to me. Fantastic movie, the best ever.
• Indonesia
31 Jan 07
Personaly i like Part one.
@plifertw (12)
• Italy
27 Jan 07
I loved the 2nd but also the 1st is beautiful. I don't like the 3rd.
@maxedo (5)
• Philippines
25 Jan 07
the Godfather 1 is the best but part 2 is the more i watch
@ddsedssd (85)
• Romania
25 Jan 07
clearly godfather 1 was the best
@Loufie (14)
• Hungary
15 Jan 07
The best part is the second! But I liked the first too. The last one was a little bit boring I think!
@myrith (1830)
• Canada
9 Jan 07
Part 1
• United States
9 Jan 07
I loved 1 & 2, but I'd have to say 1. I also like the version that shows 1 & 2 in chronological order.
@natuser28 (907)
• United States
9 Jan 07
I like Godfather 2, when Michael claim the throne to run his family business.