Girls weight training is what we need to reduce body fat !

South Africa
January 10, 2007 4:23pm CST
I have been attending a gym for a very long time, and enjoy especially group training.Thank goodness the variety now includes V-Fit, pure pump, bosu and other toning and strength training. I have always known that this type has to be included to keep the body looking good, but i did not enjoy doing it on my own.Also the motivation to keep going for the full hour and do justice to the visit to the gym is supported by the instructor encouraging you, when you feel you've had it
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10 Jan 07
weight training is 1 of the best ways to loose bodyfat i hear women all the time in the gym saying but i dont like weightlifting i dont want to get big i wish it was as easy as picking up a weight bar to get big
• South Africa
11 Jan 07
woman are afraid to start a weight training program,for the same reason you mension. It's a mythe,i've seen woman changing from aerobic classes(for many years) change to circuit training, loose weight over periods of 6 weeks, which they did not achieve over 6 years.