do u think listening to music keeps your stress at bay??

January 10, 2007 11:26pm CST
yes, music keep me feel fresh ,moreover its a good stress buster too. i listen and dance to the music (when i'm alone) . i lock my room and increase the volume and just enjoy.this relly makes me happy. but these days i dont get time to listen to my favorite tunes.. niot even through an ipod. if i have got time to spare for listening (and dancing) to music..i'll JUMP with joy. it excites me a lot. what about you??
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• United States
12 Jan 07
Music relaxes me completely. I have this CD called Spiritual Flutes and it beautiful melodies of flues and various instruments. It just great.
@freesoul (3023)
• Egypt
12 Jan 07
I love music and it does calm my stress, I live with the melodies and lyrics and forget everything for a while and it really helps, I believe this is what music is made for :)
• Philippines
11 Jan 07
Yes, music calms me. But not all types of music, love songs only. But sometimes music is also a good way to reminisce the old times. A theme song of you and yout love ones, friends, college years etc.
• Zambia
11 Jan 07
I absolutly love music.I sleep with my radio on and it keeps my mind relaxed.I listern to music while working and sometimes while studying.Fast tracks get me dancing, its my form of exercise and keeps my body busy and fit.