does this make sense?

United States
January 11, 2007 1:40pm CST
My brother in law was at work yesterday and the cops came in to his work because they wanted to take him down to the station to question him about a statement he made(mind you they were out of their jurisdiction)so my brother in law went with them he told them he wanted a lawyer present and they refused. they basically wanted him to change his statement and he wouldn't he witnessed a cop busting his friends head open so he made a statement about it he was doing what he thought was right to make a statement as to what he saw well the cop was mad and said if he don't change his story by friday he's going to arrest my brother in law.well my brother in law is not going to change his statement because he is telling the truth.the cop did hit his friend in the head with his they gave my brother in law a ticket for allowing his friend to drive his car.does this make any sense to you?can they actually do this to him?arrest him for not changing his story?what are your views on this?
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@sharon613 (2323)
• United States
12 Jan 07
This is illegal and If i were you brother in law, I would try and get in contact with an attorney and press charges against these phony cops.
@SageMother (2277)
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11 Jan 07
Cops will threaten when they can't have their way. Your brother-in-law is correct in refusing to change his statement. If they showup againhe shouldn't go withthem willingly. I learned that your statements to cops should be two thing in those situations...... 1) Am I under arrest? If they aren't arresting you then you don't need be in their police station. They have you come to the station for intimidation factor. They can hold you and move you around the cells sot that they can justify keeping you and screwing withyour paperwork...which can mess your job up. But if you aren't underarrest, you aren't going anywhere withthem. 2) Am I free to go? If youa re not free to go then you are under arrest. If they don't read you your rights then they blow the case. YOur thinking is correct, it didn't make sense except as intimidation. Your bortherin law should go ahead and get a lawyer. They might try something else. If they do then he should call his lawyer BEFORE he goes anywhere with the cops.