Do you watch Naruto?

January 12, 2007 11:01pm CST
does anyone of you watch naruto anime series? its really good? who's your favorite character? why? what do you think will happen next?
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@usman400 (1587)
• Pakistan
13 Jan 07
I dont understand what you are trying to say, in which country or in which channel this Naruot is played, is it some tv serial or tv show ???
• Philippines
13 Jan 07
if you don't know, its fine. its nice to be honest. if you search about it in the net. you might find something
@mageside (397)
• Japan
31 Jan 07
I also watch naruto series... I like sasuke, this anime is funny...
@blindedfox (3315)
• Philippines
23 Jan 07
Yup. I used to just ignore this series before. I didn't really like it until I actually sat down and watched it. Sasuke is irritating, Naruto is hilarious~datteba yo!,=) Hinata is kawaii (cute) and Anko is hot.=P
@katenkim (238)
• Singapore
21 Jan 07
of course everyone loves naruto and his passion to be the next hokage. based on the manga series, he will be facing difficult enemies from the akatsuki clan
@vehaileairu (2286)
• Philippines
18 Jan 07
yupppp... i do love and actually is inlove with my hatake kakashi!!! hes my crush now... and since naruto hit... everybody calls me as master tsunade! coz they say im exactly like her since im the president of our school... hehhe, they think im a hokage.. ^_^ mwah!
• Philippines
17 Jan 07
i always watch naruto episodes.
@moto47 (555)
• Indonesia
17 Jan 07
yes, btw... do you think Naruto episodes are just too devious? ahh, my fav is Itachi Uchiha